Current Occupation

I'm running Fairytale Distillery where we are currently working on the online game Das Tal. We are combining concepts from Sandbox MMOs, MOBAs and Survival Games into a competitive PvP experience for adults.

Research Fields

I'm interested in three topics: Social dynamics in games with both cooperative and competitive elements. How to design cut-throat competitive environments that stay fair, fun and playful. How humans learn to deal with defeat in games.

Past Endeavours

I co-founded game studio Bit Barons in 2009, organized events like the Game Design Dojo and served as regional coordinator for Global Game Jam in DACH. I graduated in Media Management with an additional diploma in Online Marketing.



Making an MMO on a dime Quo Vadis Berlin 2015
Mechanics are the Message Games-Tagung Munich 2014
Going Indie is a Marathon - Staying Motivated for the Long Run (Panel) Respawn Conference Cologne 2014
Gender (and Diversity) design in video games (Panel) Respawn Conference Cologne 2014
That Jam we're in - A discussion on potentials and limits of Game Jams (Panel) Respawn Conference Cologne 2014
Managing the Unspeakable - One Year of Pre-Pro for the Indie-MMO Quo Vadis Berlin 2014
What I learned in Five Years of Making Games Creative Mornings Munich 2013
Competitive Multiplayer Games Game Design Dojo Munich 2013
The MDA Model (Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics) Game Design Dojo Munich 2013
Die Independent-Spiele-Szene und [...] Medienkompetenz Fachtagung Spielkulturen Bayreuth 2013
The Art Of Public Funding For Indie Games GDC Europe Cologne 2011
Lokalisierung – lohnt sich das? (Panel) Quo Vadis Berlin 2011
A MAZE. Indie Connect (Panel) Quo Vadis Berlin 2011



Introduction to Game Design (Bachelor Game Art) full course SAE Games 2013
Prototyping (Master Game Design) full course Mediadesign Hochschule 2013
Analyse von Engine-Technologien (Master Game Design) full course Mediadesign Hochschule 2013
Vom klassischen Gesellschaftsspiel zum Digitalspiel workshop Deutsche Spieleautorentagung 2011
How to Brief a Game Developer workshop Goethe-Institut 2011
Innovative Spielkonzepte (Master Game Design) full course Mediadesign Hochschule 2011



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Gaiscioch Magazine Benjamin Foley English 2016
Süddeutsche Zeitung Jan Bojaryn German 2015
Gamestar TV Sebastian Stange German 2015
Insert Moin Daniel Raumer German 2015
Techdings Andree Huk German 2015
Level UB Paul Redetzky German 2015 Richard Löwenstein German 2014
Gamebolds Robert Fischer German 2014
Mein MMO Gerd Schuhmann German 2014 Gareth Harmer English 2014
Promoter Andreas Zecher English 2012
Techdings Andree Huk German 2011